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  • Song Name: #WTFIsXmas? - Bring Joy To The World and BUY STUFF
  • Artist: WTF Just Happened?
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  • Year: 2013

WARNING: Contains some Strong Language and the occasional funny moment

Stuart and Rick are trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but what does that mean when you look around us? And what the hell does "Xmas" mean in this modern age?

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#WTFIsXmas? - Bring Joy To The World and BUY STUFF #comedy #satire #sketches - @z1radio by Ricklouder on Mixcloud

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This Week We Watched - The crop of 'Insert Topic Here' filler which fills our T.V. schedules. Including some random 'Choir' based advert-mentary on the BBC, the sickly remake of 'Surprise Surprise' and Channel 4's 'title first, concept later' show Health Freaks.

This Week We Read - The Christmas Gift Guides from all your 'favourite' shops. Remember, they're not adverts or even catalogues, they're "Gift Guides" - awww, how nice of the corporations to take the thought out of buying presents!

Christmas Bullsheet Headlines include:

"Does My Goldfish Know Who I Am?"

"It's A Premiaow Inn"

"Emails Expose Miliband's Fury At Nightmare Balls"

PLUS: We have the exclusive trailer for the brand new Christmas film - Christmas Christmas: A Christmas Movie


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